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Transfer In State 

We can help you transfer a CA registered vehicle to a new owner, a family gift or any changes to the title or registration. Transfer in state is only for CA Vehicles with both a CA title and plates. If you don't get the title transferred as the new owner, the DMV will apply a penalty for not having transferred the vehicle to your name within the 30 days allowed.


Visit our office today to help you with a stress-free DMV vehicle transfer to your name or business name. 

Call us or visit us today to help you with any vehicle related transfers or any questions regarding what is needed for a transfer. 


Transfer in state is needed when:​

  1. Changing Ownership of the Vehicle

  2. Any changes to title such as name correction, adding name or correction to title 

  3. Gifting a vehicle 

  4. Family transfer of the vehicle 

  5. Inheritance of a vehicle 

  6. Purchased New Vehicle 

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