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New or Duplicate Title 

A CA title is to show who the real owner of the car is. You need this for any changes or when selling the car. You can get new title for those who have out of state vehicle or a Duplicate title of those who have lost it. A title is need when selling a car, making any changes and many others DMV related transaction.

How to get a Duplicate Title? 

Use our online service to get a replacement title from the DMV. All titles are mailed out to vehicle owner in 1-2 weeks with the online order. You can also visit our office to request a Duplicate title. 

 A title may include:

Registered owner’s name and address
Vehicle identification information, including vehicle identification number (VIN), make, model, and year
Odometer mileage
Registration date
Lienholder’s name and information (if there is money owed on the vehicle)
Title brands

Filling Out a Form
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