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Dealer DMV Registration 

We provide all DMV services in house. Our services include all kinds of DMV transfers, registrations, stickers and all other DMV transactions. We do dealership work in which we can pick up your paperwork and deliver it back to you. We do provide same day services as well. Our charges are very competitive so we can work on a price depending on the volume of transactions. We can process any In State Transfer, Out of State Transfer and lien holder titles.

Our Dealer Services included Transfers, New Plates, Stickers and More. We offer dealers a service fee based on volume of transactions, this does not include DMV fee and DMV transaction fee. We are BPA with the DMV, we are not the DMV. Please let us know if we can partner with you to provide you DMV services. 

We can offer pick up services to any dealership within a 10 miles radius of Turlock, CA. For those dealers outside of the area, you can mail in your paperwork with our pre-made shipping labels and we will process the transaction and mail it back to you within the same business day once paper are received. Call us for more information at 1-800-690-9034. Thank you. 


$25 Service Fee pre-transfer does not include DMV Fee and DMV Processing Fee PLUS 3% FOR ANY Credit Card Transactions.







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