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Replacement Credentials 

You can obtain new stickers and document if you have lost, damaged, want new or gotten any DMV credential stolen. This includes new plates, stickers or document (registration) for any CA vehicle. Under CA law, you must have a valid sticker or license present in order to drive a car on CA roads and highways. Both month and year sticker has to be visible on license plate, if illegible, faded, damaged or stolen you must obtain a replacement sticker. 

How do I get replacements: 

We provide new Plates, Stickers and Registration in house and with our online services so you can avoid penalty from CHP or DMV. With our Online service, we will mail back your new replacement items unto 2 weeks faster than the DMV. 

If you fail to do so and you get pulled over you could get a ticket and have to pay penalties, Come in today for a fast a easy replacement.



We offer replacements through mail with our online service. We will be able to mail your new replacements and registration card within 1 business day for online purchase. Call us for more Information.

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