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Each CA vehicle is required to renew their registration yearly based on when their stickers expire. We can help you renew your vehicle up to 75 days prior to the expired date; get all your stickers and document here in our office.

What is needed:

In the mail you will receive a Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice with information of what is required and if your vehicle needs a smog certificate. For renewals to be done fast and easy bring in your renewal notice or old registration document. Or use our online services for Instant renewal! We will be able to mail your new stickers and registration card within 1 business day with our online service. Call us for more Information. 


We also offer new license plates in house for those who want a new one! Come into our office to get a new registration and new stickers the same day! No need to wait weeks for your stickers any more. Walk ins are welcomed. 


We offer renewals for: 


Off High Way Motor Vehicles 


CF # for Vessels 

Weight Tags for Trucks and Permanent Fleets  

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