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About Us 

At AUTO DOC HUB, we offer a wide variety of services for DMV related transactions as DMV Business Partner Automation

Our services include but not limited too:

  • Transfer in state vehicle to new owner, gifts, Non-PMO status and more

  • Transfer out of state to get a non California license vehicle registered within the CA DMV by providing new plates, sticker and registration all done in house.

  • Legal Owner Transfer( Bank) for removing or adding a lien holder from your title 

  • Renewal and Replacement of all credential such as stickers, plates and registration cards

  • For off highway vehicle such as ATV, dirt bikes and trailers we can get you stickers 

  • Change weight of your vehicle and get new stickers for trucks

Come by our office or Visit our Online store to avoid all the lines at the DMV for a stress-free transactions for most of your DMV related transactions.   


DMV Registration Renewal is authorized and licensed company by the State of California. We have no affiliation to DMV and we are NOT a state agency. 

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